Your Beachcomber & Blue Lagoon Hosts

Alison and Craig Marthinsen

We are Alison and Craig Marthinsen of Toronto, Ontario, proud owners of the Beachcomber and Blue Lagoon luxury villas in beautiful British Virgin Islands.

During our first visit to Mahoe Bay in 1995, we instantly fell in love with this stunning island. Soon after, we purchased an acre of land on which we built Beachcomber beach villa, which was completed in December 1996 and then Blue Lagoon vacation villa, which was completed in December 2010. Our lovely Beachcomber was completely updated with a full renovation in January 2016.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a relaxing and enjoyable Caribbean vacation experience, while staying in modern, tasteful and comfortable villas that meet the highest possible hospitality standards.

We look forward to having you as guests at our villas and to your comments. If you have any questions or are interested in booking your stay, please contact us at +1 (647) 274-4699.