The Jewel of the Caribbean

Natural lush beauty, a tropical climate tempered by gentle trade winds, and tranquil turquoise waters all add up to the perfect setting for sailing, diving, deep sea fishing and more. Welcome to the British Virgin Islands and Virgin Gorda!

Virgin Gorda is the third-largest island in the region, boasting one of the great harbours of the world – North Sound. Being surrounded by four other islands and connecting reef systems keeps the Sound’s waters calm, creating an unequalled area for water sports such as snorkelling, diving and fishing.

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Here’s a brief list of things to do in Virgin Gorda which will be sure to delight you and your guests:

Spas & Wellness TripAdvisor

Rejuvenate body and spirit with natural treatments such as hot stone massage, mud and bush baths, salt scrubs, seaweed/algae/clay wraps, aroma therapies and more.


Your special day will be even more romantic as you take your vows surrounded by tropical splendour.

Fishing TripAdvisor

World class fishing is available throughout the Islands. Beginners and seasoned fishermen alike will appreciate the level of sport available here.

Dining TripAdvisor

You will be sure to enjoy the local cuisine here on the island, at our fine restaurants. Fresh seafood right from the sparkling Caribbean waters is a unique treat.

Boat Tours & Water Sports TripAdvisor

Everything from surfing to kayaking, kiteboarding to scuba diving is available. You will enjoy the array of choices and levels, suitable for all participants.

Grocery Markets

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