The island of Virgin Gorda is the third largest of the British Virgin Islands, offering plenty of amazing activities, unbelievable scenery and an island vibe you can’t beat! While in Virgin Gorda take a look at some of our top ‘things to do’, whether you are into hiking, watersports or simply relaxing and enjoying the breath-taking setting, there is something for everyone!

Beaches, Hikes & Outdoor Attractions


The Baths – Geologic Formation & Beach

The Baths, British Virgin Islands

The Baths is one of the most sought-after attractions across the British Virgin Islands. This astonishing setting, located on the southern end of Virgin Gorda, is a rocky maze made up of enormous granite boulders. These boulders create an amazing grotto featuring channels of caves and tunnels along with small clear pools. At the top of the short trail leading down to the baths is a parking lot, gift shop and Top of the Baths restaurant. The Baths is truly a spot of pure beauty on the island of Virgin Gorda!

Spring Bay Beach – Beach

Spring Bay, British Virgin Islands

Spring Bay beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Virgin Gorda. Unlike The Baths, which is typically a busy spot, Spring Bay is great for those looking for a more secluded spot. Located on the southwest coast of Virgin Gorda, very close to The Baths, this beach is much easier to access with a parking lot only a short walk away. Covered with white sand, surrounding tropical forests and large boulders that block the wind makes this beach very easy to enjoy!

Savannah Bay Beach – Beach

Savannah Bay, British Virgin Islands

Savannah Bay Beach is a small, deserted, white sand beach with calm water that is protected by coral reefs. Moving north from the busy, southern spots on Virgin Gorda, Savannah Bay Beach is located on the northeast end of the island only a 5 min drive from Spanish Town. If you are looking for a very quiet, secluded beach, you will love this spot. It is important to note that since this location is more unfrequented, there are no shops, facilities and little shade in the vicinity so come prepared with sunscreen and snacks for the day!

National Parks & Hiking Trails

Gorda Peak – National Park & Hiking Trail

N Sound Rd, British Virgin Islands

Gorda Peak is one of, if not the most amazing view you will get on the British Virgin Islands. Located on the northwest ridge, south of North Sound, Gorda Peak sits at 1,370 ft. There are several connecting trails that lead to the summit, but the main trail takes about 20 minutes to reach the peak. If you are looking for a little longer hike, it will take around 35 minutes to reach the peak from the grassy car park. On the peak you will find picnic tables, portable washrooms, and an observation tower that offers an even more breathtaking panoramic view of the British Virgin Islands. Keep your eyes peeled! Gorda Peak is home to the world’s smallest lizard, the Virgin Gorda gecko.

Devils Bay - National Park & Hiking Trail

Devils Bay (The Baths) National Park, British Virgin Islands

Devils Bay is located a short walk from The Baths with both trails beginning at the same parking lot. More difficult than the walk to The Baths, Devil’s Bay is a 1.1km, 15-minute hike through boulders, dry vegetation, and caverns. As you get closer to Devil’s Bay you will make your way through grottos that feature ropes, wooden ladders, and small pools that you will have to make your navigate, don’t worry, it is nothing too strenuous. Be sure to bring a swimsuit and/or waterproof phone case or camera! Although this hike isn’t the lengthiest, there is plenty to see, and you will find many wonderful places to explore. This is a very popular spot in Virgin Gorda so if you want to beat the rush we recommend going early!

Biras Creek Trail – Hiking Trail

N Sound Rd, Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands

Biras Creek Trail offers a unique hiking experience featuring phenomenal views, amazing wildlife, and a collection of trails with different difficulties. To reach Biras Creek Trail walk from Bitter End Yacht Club along the stone path until you reach the mangroves where you can follow the trail up the hill. Venturing through some forested areas you may come across some tropical birds, iguanas, and other land and sea creatures. The Biras Creek Trail offers various trail options with a range of lengths and difficulties with the longest trail taking no longer than one hour. Overall, this is a relatively easy hiking experience with light uphill and downhill hiking. If you choose the longest trail, you will be rewarded with an amazing view from the high lookout point. Be sure to come prepared with food, water sun protection and BUG SPRAY! The mosquitos can get bad in some parts of the trail.

Prickly Pear – National Park & Hiking Trail

Prickly Pear, British Virgin Islands

Prickly Pear National Park is a small island located on the North Sound of Virgin Gorda. This uninhabited island is named after the flowering cactus, Prickly Pear, which can be found all over the island. This island offers a unique, relaxing experience with beautiful scenery and wildlife. You will find the Sandbox Bar and Grill which offers refreshing beverages and food. A hiking trail runs from Vixen Point Beach around to the north shore where you will find a secluded beach to enjoy. Prickly Pear Island is home to many tropical birds, keep an eye on the mangroves you may see a mourning dove, the British Virgin Island’s national bird! Whether you are making a day trip or simply visiting for a couple hours the seclusion of this island will make you appreciate the island vibes of BVI.

Points of Interest & Landmarks

Copper Mine Point – National Park & Copper Mine Ruins

Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands

Copper Mine Point gives you a peek into the history of the British Virgin Islands. Located on the cliffs of Mine Hill on the southeastern tip of Virgin Gorda, this abandoned copper mine was used by Spaniards back in the 18th century to mine copper after the decline of copper and other minerals in Cornwall, England. At this site you can see the remains of several structures and learn about the background history of the mine. Adding to these historic remains, this spot offers spectacular views of Virgin Gorda and Coppermine Bay. Look out for the white-tailed tropicbirds who have made Mine Hill their home, nesting in the rocky cliff crevices.

Virgin Gorda Sign – Landmark

Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands

Check out Virgin Gorda’s version of the ‘Hollywood’ sign! Located down the road from Hog Heaven, this is a great spot to enjoy the view of Virgin Gorda and snap a cool pic in paradise! Just this summer, a mural was painted on this sculpture by local artists that tells a story of the history, culture, and beauty of Virgin Gorda.

Virgin Gorda Murals – Landmark

The Valley Virgin Gorda, VG1150, British Virgin Islands

Get a taste of the culture of Virgin Gorda and the British Virgin Islands with this collection of local murals. Starting at Pablo’s Place Restaurant you will find this art by heading south on the same road you would travel if you were heading to The Baths, you can’t miss them! This site features many walls painted in different styles with a variety of bright colours.

Nail Bay Sugar Works – Sugar Mill Ruins

Nail Bay Sugar Mill Ruins, British Virgin Islands

Nail Bay Sugar Works is the remains of a sugar mill from times past. This site is very well preserved compared to the other sugar works on Virgin Gorda. To get here it is about a 15-20min drive from Spanish Town off the main road towards North Sound, keep your eyes out for the bright orange sign! This piece of history gives you a cool reflection of the sugar mill that once was, unfortunately there is little informational resources on the site. If you are heading towards North Sound be sure to make a stop by the Nail Bay Sugar Works.

Watersports, Boat Tours & Charters

Scuba & Snorkelling

Sunchaser Scuba Limited

N Sound Rd, Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands

Sunchaser Scuba Limited is one of the oldest dive centres in the British Virgin Island. Located at the Bitter End Yacht Club, this dive centre offers PADI dive courses, scuba diving and snorkelling excursions. Click here to see a list of dive sites the Sunchaser scuba can take you to explore.

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BVI Snuba

Leverick Bay Marina, North Sound, VG1150, British Virgin Islands

BVI Snuba offers private snuba tours only! Explore under the surface of the sea swimming alongside bright coloured coral reefs, fish and turtles! Offering a selection of depths (2ft, 10ft, or 20ft) depending on what you are comfortable with. Snuba diving involves breathing through a regulator, similar to scuba diving, but rather than having a tank of O2 your air supply floats on a support raft above you. Unlike scuba diving, you do not need any type of certification or previous experience to snuba dive, just a 15-minute safety briefing!

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Boat Tours & Charters


The Valley Spanish Town Virgin Gorda, BVI, VG1150, British Virgin Islands

Speedy’s is the #1 ferry service in Virgin Gorda and the British Virgin Islands. Offering a ferry service between Virgin Islands, as well as a car rental service, private charter rental and excursions guided by their staff. Whether you are looking to rent a boat or have their generous staff guide you on an excursion, Speedy’s can help you navigate the BVI by land or sea!

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La Boheme Charters

Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

La Boheme, the Gypsy of the Sea, is a smooth sailing Mark II Gulfstar 60 yacht that can accommodate up to 12 guests. Below the deck there are 4 sleeping cabins as well as 3 full bathrooms, a salon and gallery. La Boheme offers a sunset cruise or half day and full day charters, sailing around Virgin Gorda. Their charters are prepared with delicious food, snorkelling, fishing, and much more. This exhilarating sail give you an idea of why the British Virgin Islands are named the sailing capital of the Caibbean.

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Sea It Clear Tours

North Sound, British Virgin Islands

Sea It Clear Tours is known for their infamous glass bottom boat tours, which gives you the unique experience of exploring under the sea’s surface without leaving the boat. Nighttime tours are also available in the glass bottom boat if you are curious what swims the dark waters at night. Sea It Clear owner, Gumption, has an amazing personality and ensures that his clients have a memorable time. Sea It Clear Tours offers snorkelling, reef tours as well as nature tours on Necker Island!

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Bowline Yachts, Limited

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda VG1150, British Virgin Islands

Bowline Yachts, Limited has been providing yacht management and day charter services since 1986! Bowline offers half day, full day and sunset charters out of Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. This family run business is very flexible in accommodating you needs and requests in terms of arranging a sailing trip. On a Bowline Yacht charter, you will be provided snorkel equipment, beverages as well as snacks. Their private charters can accommodate up to 10 guests to comfortably enjoy the trip!

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Blue Rush Water Sports

Leverick Bay Marina North Sounds, VG1150, British Virgin Islands

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush in the British Virgin Islands, look no further. Blue Rush Water Sports has a collection of exciting watersport activities available for rent including flyboarding, hobies, jet skis, stand up paddleboards and more! Along with rentals, Blue Rush Watersports also offers other services like jet ski tours around the coast of Virgin Gorda and its outlying islands or kayak tours over reefs in a clear-bottom kayak.

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Sealingo Watersports

Fischers Cove Beach Hotel, Spanish Town, VG1150, British Virgin Islands

Sealingo Watersports offers a collection of watersport activites, rentals as well as tours. Some of their most popular activities include wake boarding, subwing, banana boating, stand up paddle boarding and sport fishing. Looking for something to do on your own? Rent glass bottom kayaks, stand up paddleboards and snorkelling gear by the hour, day, 3 days, or week! Adding to this, Sealingo also offers tours including night life reef tours, shoreline tours to ‘The Baths’ and more.

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The Spa at Leverick Bay

Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands

The Spa at Leverick Bay is one of the biggest spa chains in the British Virgin Islands. Offering massage and spa services with their team of experience massage therapists, estheticians, ayurvedic practioners and staff from all over the world. The Spa at Leverick Bay has a number of massage specialties including Swedish deep tissue, thai, Indian, shiatsu massage and are also available on at out call basis right to your villa! Whatever you decide on The Spa at Leverick Bay is sure to refresh and rejuvenate you on your BVI vacation.

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Solitude Day Spa

Solitude Day Spa, Olde Yard Village, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Solitude Day Spa is an oasis located in Virgin Gorda's south coast surrounded by tropical gardens and beaches. This spa has a truly relaxing environment with soothing music, candles and flowers that ease away your stress. Solitude Day Spa has a collection of offerings including massages, body treatments, salon services and spa packages which include things such as facials, manicure & pedicures, hot stones, and deep tissue massages. They also offer an in-home service if you would like to enjoy these spa treatments in the privacy and comfort of your own villa.

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