It is no secret that the British Virgin Islands is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit. Not just for the amazing views and soft white beaches but for the unmatched island atmosphere and energy that you just can’t get in today’s modern world. It’s no surprise that many of the famous and rich figures that we know today choose the British Virgin Islands as their escape to paradise.

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is a British billionaire and entrepreneur most known for founding the Virgin Group, which owns more than 400 companies including Virgin Mobile, Virgin Hotels and more. Branson is perhaps one of the most present celebrities in the British Virgin Islands. He is known in the BVI for owning several private islands and resorts, spending much of his time between his homes on Necker and Mosquito Island. Branson purchased Necker Island, a 74-acre island located in the North Sound of the British Virgin Islands, back in 1979 and spent millions of dollars transforming it into a luxury resort. Today, Necker Island Luxury Private Island is one of the world’s most exclusive resorts. In 2007 Sir Richard Branson also purchased Mosquito Island, located on the west side of Gorda Sound, which he has built several luxury estates that you can rent for a very exorbitant price!

Morgan Freeman

If you are a fan of movies and acting than you likely know Morgan Freeman for his distinctive voice and appearances in many popular movies. Morgan Freeman is an academy award winning actor known for films like “Shawshank Redemption”, “Seven”, “Unforgiven” and many more! Back in 1991, Morgan Freeman was sailing between St. Martin and St. Barths when some friends suggested that he sail 90 miles to Virgin Gorda. Upon arriving in beautiful Virgin Gorda, Freeman fell in love and stayed 5 years in this home away from home. He grew a love for sailing back in 1967, before the fame, working in Vermont aboard an 18-foot Lightning class centerboard boat. Since then, he has ventured on many sailing expeditions, particularly around the Caribbean, exploring the many islands of this region. Morgan Freeman says that it is the beautiful weather, water and ambience that keeps him coming back to the BVI. Although Freeman does not own any land in the BVI, he chooses to stay aboard his 43-foot Shannon when he visits the islands.

Larry Page

If you don’t know who Larry Page is, you have certainly used his internet search engine. Larry page is one of the two co-founders of Google and currently a board member of Alphabet Inc. As we have learned from Sir Richard Branson, even enormous business moguls like to relax and take a Caribbean vacation from time to time… likely on their own private island. Although it has not been confirmed by Page or any other authentic source, it is believed that Larry Page owns Eustatia Island. Eustatia Island is a 30-acre island located in the eastern section of the British Virgin Islands neighbouring Saba Rock. This alluring island was listed as one of the top 20 most beautiful islands in the world in 2004 and is regularly photographed by admirers and publications.

Petr Kellner

Petr Kellner was a billionaire entrepreneur who gained his wealth founding the PPF Group, a financial and investment group based in the Netherlands. Kellner was born in 1994 and unfortunately passed on March 27, 2021 at the age of 56 in helicopter accident while heli skiing. Although Kellner has been described as a very private individual, the BVI Minister of Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration describes his love for the Virgin Islands, particularly Virgin Gorda, was very well known. Petr Kellner owned the island of Saba Rock, a small island located in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, along with the Saba Rock Resort. When the devastating Hurricane Irma struck the British Virgin Islands in 2017 causing serious destruction, Kellner contributed to jumpstarting recovery efforts and funds that helped return the BVI to what they are today. Making it a personal project, Kellner helped provide building materials, generators, as well as donating to the people of Virgin Gorda, and more.

Lance Uggla

Lance Uggla is a billionaire who gained his wealth as the CEO of Mark-It-Partners, turning $50 million in seed capital to $44 billion in market cap. In 2022, after being acquired by S&P Global Lance went on to found BeyondNetZero, a climate growth equity venture that focuses on supporting and scaling high-growth companies that are developing innovative solutions to meet and exceed net zero emission targets. Lance Uggla owns property in Mahoe Bay, a small bay on Virgin Gorda’s west side featuring a beautiful white sand beach and amazing views of nearby islands. Lance Uggla is yet another very wealthy individual who chooses to spend their time away from home in the British Virgin Islands.